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Young Men/Older Women

Madonna, Cher, Demi and Cameron. What do these women have in common other than their celebrity status? They are all with younger men!

These days dating and marrying men who are years and sometimes decades younger is the “in” thing to do. Why not? Men have been doing it for centuries. You know the cliché. The rich, powerful ageing tycoon with the nubile young woman on his arm has become commonplace in our society. Donald Trump 58, marrying Melanie Knauss 34.  Larry King in his late sixties married now for the seventh time to a woman in her thirties.  And lest we not forget the most outlandish match in this category,  Anna Nicole Smith at the age of 23, marrying J. Howard Marshall II, in his 80’s.

Older men and younger women have always been paired, and although it’s been accepted by society, I must admit I get a bit irritated when I hear that my middle aged male counterparts are looking for mates in their twenties.  However, in our North American culture where women can hold their own and no longer rely on the opposite sex for financial support, it has now become fashionable and acceptable for women to be seen sporting men who are much younger as well. It appears that the tide is a changing!

When Demi Moore 41, began dating Ashton Kutcher 25 it opened a previously closed door for the so-called “older” woman.  Madonna married Guy Ritchie, ten years her junior and Cameron Diaz in her thirties is dating Justin Timberlake a prior “boy” band member.  Ivana Trump, herself in retaliation mode, had a reality show on television called “Ivana Younger Man”. 

Most of the men I go out with are usually a few years older than myself.  But lately I have been receiving invitations for dates from men in their twenties who have obviously fallen prey to prevailing media hype telling them that “older is better”.   Dating a much younger man sounds appealing, if only I could get past the fear of being mistaken for his mother! Let’s face it, younger men have more energy and firmer bodies, but I keep wondering, “What on earth would I have in common with them”? Certainly not the firm body! And while it might be fun for a little while, I strongly believe that it’s the experience and wisdom that comes with age that makes for great conversation and a commonalty ultimately creating the binding tie of any good relationship. After all, I want a partner who remembers Watergate, the end of the cold war and who celebrated the destruction of the Berlin wall. A guy who cried when John Lennon was shot, who doesn’t think that U2 is a new band, and who listened to Billy Joel’s “The Stranger” 1020 times in 1977.  A man, who danced disco, wore acid washed jeans and a yellow blazer in salute to Miami Vice and who swears to never do so again!  A man who doesn’t think that the “feminist movement” is the name of a new yoga video, and who remembers what real breasts looked like before implants became status quo.

Young men are great and even though they might be asking older women out, the fact remains, they don’t really know us. How could they? They have never experienced, as an adult, the very things that make us who we are over the age of forty. I guess this means I don’t “vana” younger man!


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