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You’ve come a WRONG way baby!

It was 1972, the summer of Woodstock still hung heavy in the air and permissiveness was the order of the day. Men looked like women and women wanted to become more like men. Feminism was born, bras were burning and the first issue of Ms. magazine hit the stands to cries of “I am woman hear me roar”. Gloria Steinam had become the Dali Llama of repressed women everywhere and the tide was a changing in the way society viewed and treated the so-called gentler sex.

Or so we had thought! After all, we were now in the work force full time, we now held positions of power and were still able to take care of our families as well. Then how could it have all gone so horribly wrong?  Today, the word feminist is just a dusty old cliché that lies hidden away in the pages of books expounding the anti doormat rhetoric of liberated women who started a revolutionary movement but who are now unfortunately also considered nothing more than old and dusty.

Today’s young women can hardly be considered feminists, and even a mild relation to their predecessors who fought so hard for their rights can, if at all, barely be seen. Women today are objectified more than ever before, have lower self esteem and an apparent lack of self respect and are running to cosmetic surgeons, to have their “normal” body parts nipped and tucked, all to conform to an image that they have been sold by a male dominating society. The marketing “machine” has convinced women, all in the name of money, that they must strive to attain a “look” that is unnatural and unhealthy, leaving them, anorexic, bulimic and sporting triple D sized breasts. They have been told that this “freak show” is not only considered “normal” but that it is “expected”! How smart a woman is, does not seem to be a large determining factor in how well she will do in life. Words like bootyliscious, are used to describe a woman’s “outstanding” accomplishments, all the while antidepressant medication has become the mainstay for those who cannot afford to partake of this circus and who are left feeling inadequate with thoughts of not “measuring” up.

In this modern day society, successful, independent and intelligent women like Martha Stewart are verbally bashed and put in jail, not because of a minor indiscretion, but because she dared to even resemble a feminist, while men of equal stature like Donald Trump, wheel and deal, and are celebrated for their cut throat acquisitions. If you want to be a successful woman in today’s world of celebrated pop culture then you had better look like Britney Spears or Pamela Anderson, or is it Pamela Lee Anderson? I can never get it straight. I guess it all depends on whether or not she is enduring Tommy Lee’s abuse at any given moment.

But there will be no bra burnings here, as the only thing lifting her to heights of fame, are her helium balloon sized breasts that don’t require one, and it’s certainly not her brains that have made her an icon and the poster girl for young woman everywhere. It’s been over thirty years since the feminist movement of the seventies, and the unfortunate truth remains that women have taken a big step backwards, hardly the leap forward, that was so much the expectation of their mothers before them.

You remember that old feminist mantra “You’ve come a long way baby"? Well I’d say, it’s more like "You’ve come a WRONG way baby"!


©Lori Weisbrod


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