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Women Dealing With Cancer: The True Heroes

If you ever want to see pure indomitable spirit, heroism, and a sense of “anything is possible”,  just observe, any woman who is going through cancer treatment.

I have been volunteering with the “Look Good Feel Better™ Program” as a make-up artist for over 5 years now. LGFB is a national public service program designed to help women who are dealing with cancer by teaching them how to combat the sometimes devastating side effects of treatment through their monthly workshops around Toronto and throughout Canada. You would think that as a volunteer I was there to help these ladies, but in reality I have gained so much in return.

Watching women going through something as life altering as cancer is a marvel to behold and gives me a renewed faith in people. It would be the natural assumption that these courageous women would be feeling sad, bewildered and defeated but in actuality it is quite the opposite.  Women dealing with cancer are the strongest, most up beat, giving group of people I have ever met, and their optimism in the face of adversity is contagious.

Attending a workshop is a true testimonial as to why in my view women should rule the world.  It is all about support, genuine caring for others and humor when presented with an overwhelming obstacle.  The other day I was out and about, when I ran into Mary.   This woman, a force to be reckoned with anyways, is now undergoing her own war with cancer.  Hair gone, treatment underway she is stronger than ever, sporting an ever so chic black chapeau, and unwavering determination.  Presented with more sessions of chemotherapy, radiation and possible surgery, none of this has done anything to squelch her enthusiasm for life and her zest and zeal for seeing the best in any situation. She is in actuality even more positive than usual. As she puts it “An opportunity to buy some great looking hats”.  Her friends have rallied around providing support when needed and Mary is moving forward knowing that she will beat this thing. 

Just look at any woman who is just diagnosed with cancer, dealing with treatment or has survived the disease. They are stronger, more resilient and understand what really matters in life. Or better yet, go and observe the many groups during our city’s walks and runs to beat cancer. There they are, out in full force, waving their banners and still supporting one another and honoring those who fought the good fight, but who unfortunately lost their battle.

This is not to say that the times haven’t been hard and that there still aren’t more obstacles and hurdles to overcome. And yet, they still go through whatever comes their way with dignity, self- respect and a sense of purpose and determination.  Women in general take on many of the difficult tasks in life.  Raising children, creating a good home environment and taking care of business in the workplace.

They are already the glue that holds this world together. But just watch women battling cancer, they define the word strength and are the true heroes of our society.


©Lori Weisbrod


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