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“What to Wear Or Not To Wear” - That Is The Question

When I was younger, it seemed that I could wear whatever I wanted and felt quite comfortable in the knowledge that it was age appropriate.  But as we ladies get older, do we have to be more careful in the choices we make in what we wear?

I am now in my forties and am finding it more and more of a challenge to decide if what I put on my back is suitable for my age group. After all at this point in our lives we don’t want to look frumpy but we also don’t want to look like we are trying to be twenty something. A perfect example of this dilemma is the new trend, the legging. In every store I pass there is some form of legging displayed in the window. They come in all different colors, all different fabric and are calling my name. I’ve been told, by fashion magazines, that this is the “must have” of the season, and yet every time I try them on I feel as if I am back in the 1980’s . Flashbacks of over sized shoulder pads, mega make-up and leggings plague my consciousness. I have always followed the rule that if you have worn it in your past, it probably shouldn’t be worn again.

I used to wear mini-skirts in the seventies, and I would never wear those now, no matter how much they were in fashion. I also used to wear platform shoes when they were in, but now they just look ridiculous on me and I can’t remember how I ever walked around in them. Clogs are back but you won’t see me sporting a pair, sure they’re not made of wood anymore, they are now made of some form of plastic and are named after an endangered species that rhymes with socks, which by the way you're not suppose to wear with them. They are more comfortable now, but memories of high school hallways filled with girls wearing clogs makes this fashion trend just something I won’t do today.

Remember those long stripes scarves of many colors we would wear on cold blustery days? Yup, I won’t wear those, either. My rule has served me well. In a time when there is no such thing as a pant waste and jeans seem to be getting lower, and all tops are now made of spandex, fashion for the over forty crowd can be quite perplexing.

Which brings me back to the legging. When I was 23 I used to wear a black pair of lace legging trying to look like Madonna, singing “Like A Virgin”. By the way…that’s not happening again, either!  I loved this item of clothing and felt very cool and up to date while wearing it.  Now when I try them on I just feel stupid.

So I guess my rule holds true, even for this beloved item. So goodbye legging, I loved you once but you are not for me anymore. “ What to wear or not to wear”, that is the question. If it’s difficult now, what will it be like in my fifties?


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