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Vanity plates…..Just plain vain

In a world where how we look, how much money we make and how we appear to others is a predominant factor, vanity seems to be the order of the day. The phenomenon of personal advertising is never more evident than in the cars we drive, and it seems that “getting our message across” to others via our vehicle is becoming more and more important. 

Vanity plates can be seen everywhere these days. Whether it’s extolling your own personal philosophy or letting everyone know your name or occupation, carefully executed lettering on license plates lets other drivers get who you are. In the seventies, T-shirts were used for this very reason. Remember “Keep On Trucking”, or the peace symbol, or “Free Love”, today, vanity plates have taken over where the T-shirt left off. 

It’s really all about wanting to be recognized, wanting to be heard, needing others to see us and in knowing that we can stand out in a sea of people. If you really want others to know what’s on your mind, maybe your plates should read “ND4APRVL” or just plain “LKATME”.  If you don’t understand what these mean, don’t feel bad, you are not alone, because the only people who can figure out vanity plates are usually the driver who came up with the “witty” lettering in the first place.

It seems that certain occupations are more prone to vanity than others. I have seen  “IWILSUE” and “RTN LWYR” recently. Hey, don’t blame me, I didn’t make those up, the owners did.  While I understand that you work hard at your job, do you really need to advertise? After all, I thought those declarations were a given! Years ago I dated a guy who’s license plate read “BEDS”. While it is true that he did own a chain of mattress stores, in reality it was more about advertising the fact that he had been IN so many. The relationship didn’t last long. I had to break up with him as it was becoming increasingly difficult for me to be chauffeured around in a corvette, with constant honking from men giving my driver the thumbs up and shouting out of their windows “Way to go man”! in response to his plates.

Vanity Plates are just that, pure vanity, and are more ridiculous than anything else. Having said all this, I now must reveal the truth…I have vanity plates. Yes it’s sad but it’s true. My ex boyfriend gave them to me as a present in a moment of insanity when he incorrectly assumed that I would like them. The thing with vanity plates is, once you have them, you’re pretty much stuck with them for life unless you want to go through a stream of paper work and bureaucracy. So now, I just drive around the city with my head hanging in shame, worried that people will know how vain I really am.

But I won’t tell you what they say, that’s between me and everyone else on the streets of Toronto.


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