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Too Trendy For Words

The other day I was in the “village”.  Toronto’s upscale neighborhood at Eglinton Ave. and Spadina Rd. when it occurred to me that we have become a society that is all about how we look, how busy we are and how we are perceived.  We have become “Too Trendy” for words.  There I sat as people in designer jogging suits flitted about,  cell phone in one hand, ipod in the other, ordering their mocha frapaccino double non-fat lates and sporting attitude to boot. One woman was boasting to her friend that she just had no time these days,  too busy with her exercise class and Kabala study to pick up her children and bolted out of the coffee establishment with the claim “I have to go now I have to sign my divorce papers.”

It’s almost as if being “busy” and over stressed has become trendy.  It’s all about, how many appointments you have, how many people are calling you on your cell phone, what kind of car you drive, what exercise classes you take and how taxed for time you are.

Posters on the wall of yoga seminars with the claim of “sign up now before it’s too late” are indicative of a society that puts it’s value on go, go go, all in the name of being trendy. Whatever happened to slowing down, spending time with your children, sitting and talking with a friend and just experiencing life without the need for our frenzied fixation on going somewhere, being somebody and “looking” busy. Gone are the days of relaxation, reading a good book and taking a long bath. It’s as if the world has gone full steam ahead ignoring the purpose in life, which in my view is to actually enjoy it. 

Television shows with names like “Desperate Housewives” are not far from the truth and we have become a society that tries to mimic what it sees in music videos, what it sees on television and what the so-called “stars” are doing in Hollywood.  We seem to have forgotten that their world is unrealistic and yet we are compelled to want to do it “their way”.  We have adopted the belief that “reality television” is in actuality real and we try desperately to look, act and lead the lives of the people in these shows.  While cosmetic surgery is on the rise it seems that we are experiencing a systematic decline in family values.  Women want to be the girls from “Sex and The City” and the men want to be “The Donald”.

It’s all too unrealistic, too busy and way too trendy. We need to slow down and get back to reality.  When it becomes “trendy” to lead lives that are unfulfilling, superficial and meaningless then we need to rethink that trend.


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