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Not Barefoot and Pregnant In the Kitchen… But Close Enough

We might not be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen anymore, but we as women had better know our place in this world.

Although we have come a long way since the oppressive days of the 1950’s, it is apparent from watching the “soap opera” that unfolded last week in our nation’s capital in the form of a confidence vote, that we still have a long way to go. With the defection of 39 year old, Belinda Stronach from the Conservative Party over to The Federal Liberal Cabinet that rocked Parliament Hill to it’s male dominated core, came a slew of demeaning “sexually slanted” insults and political spin designed to discredit her ethics and her motives.

Not in support of conservative leader Stephen Harper’s alliance with the Bloc Quebecois, her “gutsy move” has been called opportunistic, unprincipled, and she has been deemed a down and dirty traitor. Worse yet, conservative MP Tony Abbott from Alberta said of Stronach “It’s a little rich girl basically whoring herself out to the Liberals” with Saskatchewan MP Maurice Vellacott following suit calling her a “prostitute”. Even Ontario MPP Robert Runciman referred to Stronach as an “attractive dipstick”. This, combined with the political spin on the part of the conservatives portraying her ex-boyfriend Tory leader Peter Mackay as a broken hearted man shown planting potatoes on his fathers farm in Nova Scotia in an effort to get over his perceived betrayal, and it’s no wonder that Stronach is now the most hated woman in Canada.

If you’re a successful, young, attractive and wealthy woman who uses her mind to think independently then watch out! Even if her move was motivated for personal political gain, then so what! Men have been doing this for centuries. In 2003 when Conservative MP Scott Brison crossed the floor to join the Liberals hardly a clearing of the throat could be heard. But this is nothing new. Whenever a woman in our society achieves a certain level of success, she will inevitably be brought down. Martha Stewart, didn’t go to jail because of a minor indiscretion. She was tried and convicted for being too successful, too influential and for not knowing her place, and the powers that be, will have none of that! Men of equal stature like Donald Trump, are celebrated for their cut throat actions and acquisitions in the name of business and even have television shows glorifying the blood shed. As long as Martha Stewart sticks to decorating she will be fine! Even Oprah who in 1996-1998 had reached an all time high in the ratings game, was sued by the beef industry, specifically by the “cattlemen”. Just another group of men frightened by a woman, and more to the point a black woman, achieving too much success and who needed to be brought to her knees. Even though she won that battle, she had to fight for the right to “speak her mind”. Just like Anita Hill who was called “a bit nutty, and a bit slutty”, when she dared to accuse Justice Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment, women will forever be “put in their place if they dare to get “out of line”.

Maybe we’ve come a long way baby, but we sure have many miles to go before we achieve “true” equality in this world.


©Lori Weisbrod


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