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The world is one big shoe store

The other day I was shopping for shoes, when it occurred to me that people are very much like the shoes we wear and that the world in general is really just one big shoe store.

After all, shoes, just like people, come in all different sizes, varying styles, and are displayed in an assortment of color.  It’s really about choice, preference and about how much tolerance we have. More often than not, I find myself choosing ones that don’t suit me in the least, and that I know will cause me nothing but pain and aggravation, and yet look so appealing from a distance. When I tried them on, they seemed so comfortable that I really couldn’t resist, but in actuality it’s not a good fit at all. The longer I walk around in them, the more they hurt me and only cause me to get hard and calloused.

I put so much of my time and effort in to finding that “perfect” pair of shoes that I can’t seem to discard them so easily and inevitably I put them back in my closet in the hopes that one day a miracle will occur, my feet will have changed size and that they will now be suitable for me. It never happens, I never change!

One would think that the only solution for me would be to sit at home, shoeless, bandaging my wounds. This is not the case. Just when I think it hurts too much to even get up and try walking, I remember, all those practical and comfortable shoes that I just love. Sure, they’re a little worse for wear, and they’re not all that fancy and no they’re not “new”, but they are dependable, and they never let me down. If I take care of them, they will take care of me and walking through life seems effortless.

The shoes that hurt me so much don’t seem as appealing anymore and get sent away. After all, what doesn’t fit me might fit someone else. If you look closely you will see that the world is really just one big shoe store. You have to try people on and see how they fit and be very careful of all the big heels.


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