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Rock Stars, Too Old To Rock

It’s official, the Rolling Stones, have just announced a new world tour that will open at Fenway Park in Boston and will make it’s way to Toronto on September 26th, 2005.

Given the fact that the Stones are well into their fifth decade of playing Rock N’ Roll, they should aptly name this tour “The antiques Road Show”.  After all, Mick and the boys are now in their sixties which leaves one asking the question “When are rock stars too old to rock?”

Do I really want to see a man, old enough to be my father gyrate on stage wearing spandex and singing the words “I can’t get no satisfaction, I can’t get no girl reaction”? Try Viagra! It seems that these Rolling Stones have gathered a bit too much moss and gives new meaning to the song title “Start Me Up”.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of their music that burst onto the scene in the early sixties and changed the face of Rock and Roll forever, but when does touring end and retirement kick in? Will they still be making the rounds when they are seventy? I can hear the announcement now “Straight from the early bird special, ladies and gentlemen I present The Rolling Stones”!

As our population ages, so do our relished musicians!  I remember in 1983 watching an interview with a youthful and ever cool Bono of the mega talented group U2 where he stated that his worst fear was to become an aging rock star still doing the circuit. Now in his mid forties, it seems that amnesia has set in and he is well on his way!  Musical icons like Paul McCartney, who is also making his way to T.O., and legends like Elton John, Eric Clapton, and Billy Joel are getting older, and so are their audiences.  At least these performers are “age appropriate”. To get up on stage, play piano and guitar, and sing some wonderful songs that give way to great old memories is one thing. But to get up on stage and act like you are still twenty is something else. Plain embarrassing! And it’s not just our aging male rock stars that seem to fall prey to this phenomenon.  Just the other day I was watching a television special with “Blondie”, seventies punk super star as the featured act. There she was, strutting her stuff, still sporting her blonde trademark hair, but with a difference! Well over fifty now, her girdle could barely contain her overflowing waistline that was stuffed into an ultra tight body suit and matching mini skirt, as she tried to balance on four inch heels while singing her hit song “rapture”.  Her effort seemed somewhat desperate and sad, trying to capture younger days gone by.

Even the ever changing “Madonna” seems foolish in concert, sporting her hipster low rider jeans and dancing to her first hit song “Like A Virgin”. Now in her late forties, and with two kids, the irony seems glaring.

In my teens and twenties, I used to flock to concerts that were reasonably priced, just to be able to see my favorite rock groups. I always had seats on the floor and “mosh pit” became my two favorite words.  Nowadays, tickets are over priced, running in the hundreds of dollars, and finding comfortable seats close to a bathroom is just impossible.

I’ve become older, times have changed and so have our rock stars. I think I will pass on this upcoming “Stones” concert.  After all, I have to be in bed by ten, and from the looks of it, so should the Rolling Stones!


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