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Reunion! I am terrified just looking at the word. Sooner or later we will all have to face it. That inevitable pressure filled invitation asking us to revisit our pasts. Whether it’s our high school reunion, a family reunion, a work reunion or friends from our glory days, that call is a coming! 

I never went to my high school reunion. It was about ten years ago and A.Y. Jackson Secondary School in North York was celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary. If you're single, and do not have a boyfriend, the prospect of attending such an event is met with unadulterated, nausea inducing fear!   Memories of “mean girls” wrapped around their football player boyfriends taunting me as I walked down the hall is an occurrence I would like to forget.   A reunion, I feared would just be “mean women” wrapped around football shaped husbands, taunting me as I walked down the halls. But high school wasn’t all, bad.  And my friends from back then are people I would definitely like to remember.

Recently these women from my past have been resurfacing. Just the other day I received e- mails from Fern and Janine wanting to get together and surprise another high school chum. These were my “buddies”, “my girls”! but “Do I want to go there now”? Although I am grateful for my history, good and bad, I have always believed that the past should stay in the past and heading forward is my chosen direction of preference. It’s quite the dilemma. The question then remains, “Should I go”? And, “Why is it that we miss those good old days so much”?

It seems, that as we age we have a need to seek out a time and hence the people of that time when life was simpler, and when we weren’t concerned with raising a family or with the financial burdens and life lessons that come from being “all grown up”. The older we get, the more we long for those less complicated days when what grade we got on our last test and what clothing we were going to wear to school was our biggest concern.

I met Fern in grade eight, she was on the opposing debate team and her quick witted rebuttal that left me stammering for words, won her the trophy, caused me to never do any public speaking again, and gave me what was to become one of my closest friend for the next fifteen years. I attended her Sweet Sixteen back when girls still had Sweet Sixteen’s and thoughts of Fern and I, tanning in her parents backyard, slathered in baby oil, silver reflectors in hand, drinking Metrical as the sound track of Flash Dance replayed over and over again are memories I hold near and dear to my heart.  

As the years came and went we lost contact.  Would we have things in common now? After all life has changed for both of us. She is married and has three children. I am not married and do not have children. O.K., I know what your thinking, maybe things haven’t changed that much for me, but still I don’t want to tamper with my golden memories if that’s all I have! Just the other day I received a call from Nancy. She looked up our mutual friend Colleen from grade seven. “Do I want to meet up with them for a REUNION?” Oh, the pressure! The last time we all got together, The Partridge Family’s “I think I Love You” was number one on the charts and Michael Jackson still had his original nose. What would we have to talk about now? And although it’s true that Jackson did alter his nose five times, that will only fill twenty minutes or so of conversation!

Reunion or not to reunion, that is the question! And it’s one that we will all have to answer sooner or later.


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