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Politically Correct Parking Signs….over-kill or What?

If you’ve been to your local grocery store or mall lately, then you have noticed some new parking spots with signs allocating space close to entrances. It is not unusual these days to see, situated directly next to “Disabled Parking” spots,  signs that say “Expectant Mothers” or “Persons With Children”. 

These parking spaces are “Political Correctness overkill!! Are these signs saying that persons in these situations are also in someway disabled and deserve special consideration?  Unless you are termed as high risk pregnancy, I was always taught that it was beneficial to walk while pregnant. And while I do not have children, probably because in some ways for me personally I do consider them to be disabling, and given the fact that I do understand that going shopping with children can be quite a feat, I still think it’s beneficial for them to walk. 

Here in Ontario fraudulently parking in a “disabled spot” can illicit fines of up to $1000. Does this mean that if I park in one of these “politically correct” spots then I can also be fined? The other day I decided to test it out. I drove to my local grocery store and parked in the space allocated for “expectant mothers”.   I was pretty sure that I was not pregnant at the time, but I was curious as to how exactly was store security going to determine this.  As I sheepishly got out of my car I looked around, convinced that at any moment a security guard would pop out of the shadows carrying a portable sonogram. And I suppose, next time I go to the mall I could take my brothers children in order to score a good parking position.

It occurred to me, that if we are going to be this politically correct then we should go ALL the way. I would like to see signs that read “Hung Over”, or “Women Wearing High Heals, Looks Good, But Can’t Walk”.

If we are going to take political correctness to extremes then let’s do it properly.
The next time I go shopping I want to see a parking spot with a sign that reads
“Just Plain Lazy”.  I’m sure it would never be vacant!!!


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