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Banning Of Pit Bulls... Just common sense

Even though this commentary will probably get me in lots of hot water, I feel I have to voice my opinion in this matter. I am glad that the Ontario government is finally showing some common sense and responsibility and will be putting into effect a ban on pit bulls.

Arguments by animal lovers that it is “owner responsibility”, are in my view weak. The fact remains that if your pet even has the remote chance of “ripping your face off” you might want to re-think owning one.

It is true that I have always had a fear of dogs. It stems back from experiences as a child. My first recollection was as a seven year old when I went to visit a friend who just got a new “puppy”. This large golden retriever came bounding up to me in an attempt to be friendly. As this massive (at least that’s what it looked like to a child) creature darted towards me, I became paralyzed with fear, darkness engulfed me and I passed out. Later in my childhood I had experiences with dogs that bordered on dangerous and have been bitten at least 2 times. And no, I did nothing to provoke these animals. I have even been terrorized by a chiuaua  which was owned at the time by my brothers ex girlfriend. This little creature was so timid that if you left her out in the snow for even two minutes she would fall over on her side shivering from the cold. This “rat with legs” as I lovingly referred to her was so fragile that it eventually passed away from a bad case of psoriasis. Still, every time she would see me, barking would ensue and even as an adult I was frightened.

My point is this: While most dogs make loveable pets and while some can be a nuisance if not properly trained by their owners, most cannot seriously harm you. But I can’t even imagine coming in contact with a pit bull that may or may not cause my death and I certainly cannot understand why it is necessary to have potentially dangerous animals around children. The fact remains, if your pet has the ability to “kill” it’s best not to own one.

I am not saying that you shouldn’t have and love pets.  I am saying that if you want to have a dog, just get a different kind of dog, after all I am sure there will never be a headline that reads “POODLE KILLS THREE”...


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