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People Looking Like Their Pets

Have you ever noticed how people seem to look suspiciously like their pets?

This phenomenon is probably responsible for the reason that I refuse to get one. I began noticing similarities between pets and their owners when I was a child. I lived next door to a woman named Joanne. She had long flowing blond hair, fair skin, and pointy features. The problem was, so did her dog Omar. Omar was a beautiful golden afghan and it was not unusual to see the two of them walking down the road side by side. She, wearing a golden sheepskin coat she had purchased in Israel and Omar wearing the one he was born with. If it happened to be a cloudy dreary day, from a distance you would have thought they were brother and sister. 

As I got older this oddity of looking like ones pet, seemed to be growing in popularity. My friend Susan, a petite woman with curly blonde hair looks unnervingly like her poodle Poppy. I think that they must go to the same hair salon. But what sent me over the edge was when Susan decided to paint Poppy’s toenails the same color as hers. There they were at lunch both sporting the same manicure, same hair do and both yapping away. At any moment I expected Poppy to pick up a knife and fork and dig in.

My friend James, a stocky man with brown hair and sad looking eyes is the spitting image of his cocker spaniel Nicky.  Both have short stubby legs, but I won’t be telling him that any time soon. And it’s not only owners and their dogs. It seems that people can, and do, look like their cats as well. It is not uncommon to see a slender tall woman dressed in black holding an exotic cat of the same description.

I guess the question remains, how does this happen? Is it a case of the chicken and the egg? Which came first? Did these people go out and subconsciously pick an animal that looked liked them all in the hopes that they could give their pet the unconditional love that they wish they themselves could have. I am sure Freud would have a field day with that one.  Or, over time, and after having been living together for years, does the owner somehow identify with their animal and slowly transform themselves into that pet?

  I am convinced that it must be a case of alien pods coming down and inhabiting the body of pets everywhere, thereby creating an uncanny resemblance to their owners. Remember the movie “Invasion Of The Body Snatchers” well in one scene we see a bulldog with the head of a man running down the street. I think this was more truth than science fiction and that in reality we got a close up glimpse of the unfinished process that now inhabits our streets on a daily basis.

People are looking more and more like their pets everyday. This is why I do not have a pet. I am too afraid to get an animal for fear I will somehow resemble it. It would be like looking in the mirror. After all, I’m a little terrified of what I would actually see.


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