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Audible Pedestrian Signals... Give Me something Interesting

If you’ve been living in or visiting Toronto recently, you will have undoubtedly noticed strange noises at our corner traffic lights. It seems that not everyone knows what these are for and upon doing my research have come up with some interesting answers as to why these beeping, chirping, and strange bong, bong noises are occurring.

One friend told me that it was to drive those nasty pigeons away. My response was “It’s driving me away”. The truth is, these annoying noises have been put in place to help the seeing impaired know when traffic lights have changed and assist them in crossing the streets. While persons with vision impairments might indeed need the help, let’s take in to account that their hearing is not impaired nor is the hearing of sighted people and these sounds are just another addition to noise pollution.

Certainly if we are going to put in place “Audible Pedestrian Signals” as they are formally known, couldn’t the inventors come up with something a little more creative for us to listen to. After all, if we have to put up with this annoyance at every crossing, lets make it a little entertaining.

What about having Don Rickles voice screaming “O.K dummy it’s time to cross the street” or how about a joke like “What did the chicken get when he crossed the street”? Not only would it be fun, but it would make our city unique and would certainly improve the tourism industry.

We could have songs like U2’s “Where The Streets Have No Name” or Neil Young’s “Walk On”. How about Aerosmiths “Walk This Way”. This would make more sense to me and maybe it would make more people get out and take a walk and then our obesity rates would be lower.

We could use “The Long And Winding Road” by the Beatles or “Walking to Memphis”. But surely living in a city that boosts being the most up to date, creative and innovative in the world you would think we would be able to come up with something better than chirp, chirp and beep beep.

Common' Toronto, give me something interesting to listen to!


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