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Finding Your Passion After Forty

In our society, where money is considered the most valuable commodity and working a nine to five job in order to bring home that weekly paycheck is status quo, many of us in our forties and older are left wondering  “where is the passion?”

As we age, is it inevitable that we will lose sight of what used to make our hearts beat a little faster? After all, we are taught that raising a family and doing what is “expected” of us to keep food on the table, our own needs not even a thought, is the unselfish and the only path to take.  If it turns out that what we “have” to do is the same as what we “love” to do then we are lucky. But rarely is this ever the case. The question then remains “can we discover our passion after the age of forty”?  I found writing, at the ripe old age of forty-two to be my passion. For Michael Megna, North York wildlife artist, his true calling was discovered at the age of forty-six. Prior to that, he earned his living as a respiratory service technician. No one, especially not Michael himself would have believed that an artist was living in this rough exterior of a man. One day he saw a photograph of two tigers hanging on his daughter’s bedroom wall. He can recall the exact moment that changed his life forever. It was January 24th, 2003. On that very afternoon, he picked up a pencil to sketch what was to become his first drawing. He has not stopped creating ever since. Never having taken an art class before and certainly not being aware of the fact that he had this hidden talent, Michael now says, “It’s what I was born to do”! It takes him about a month to complete each work of art to meticulous perfection. Just one look at his magnificent depictions of animals in their natural habitat, makes you believe his statement to be true. At first glance they look like photographs, so exacting in detail that it is difficult to imagine how anyone, never mind someone who had not even so much as doodled before, can draw like this. Michael can now be seen spending his time at his local Coffee establishment, pencil and paper in hand, perfecting his art. He has already had a few showings in Toronto, and this is only the beginning. Michael Megna found his “passion” over the age of forty and his talent was an unexpected revelation.

During the second half of our lives, we become less encumbered, less self-conscious and “more” in sinc with who we really are. After the age of forty we are “more” prepared to tune into what really turns us on, to disregard the things that don’t and to find out what we are really good at. We are taught that our most productive years are in our twenties and thirties. The truth can be told in how we define the word “productive”.  In actuality the second half of our life is where our “true passion” lies. It’s there, inside, waiting to be discovered. If only we can find the courage to seek it out.


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