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Parent accountability: A cell for two

Just when I thought I was finally getting over the O.J. Simpson trial of 1995 and it was safe to watch T.V again, a new celebrity court proceeding is underway. Michael Jackson a.k.a., Wacko Jacko is up on charges of sexual molestation and the airwaves and newspapers are filled to the brim with all the details replayed for a society that is fascinated with the declining glory of the rich and famous.

And, while I have my own personal opinion as to whether or not he is guilty, only a jury has the legal right to determine this beyond a reasonable doubt.  After all in North America you are presumed innocent until proven otherwise.  If the charges are found to be sound and he did indeed commit the crime then he needs to be punished to the full extent of the law and be given real prison time, not Martha Stewart time. 

My question however is not about Michael Jackson. My question is about the mother of the alleged victim. “Should the child’s mother be held accountable? And if so, should she be charged with accessory to that crime if the charges prove to be true?” Whether famous or not, one quick look at and listen to Michael Jackson lets everyone know that something is rotten in Denmark or should I say in Neverland. His multiple cosmetic surgeries, a desperate attempt to alter his psyche via the scalpel, and a bizarre lifestyle that has included a hyperbaric chamber, a chimp named bubbles, the bones of the elephant man, and a baby dangling incident makes this fact clear. But if that wasn’t enough, surely the knowledge that Michael Jackson settled out of court not just once but twice to the tune of twenty million dollars for similar allegations should have made the mother sit up and take notice. 

This is not to say that for all this oddity and speculation, he is a sex offender. But it certainly was enough information and a clear warning sign, telling her to proceed with caution and not to allow her child to sleep in a bed with this self-professed forty-five year old peter pan. What ever happened to parent responsibility? These days it seems that sexual predators are everywhere. They are in our children’s schools, in our religious institutions, coaching our children’s hockey team, living next door and are luring our most fragile and vulnerable members of society via the Internet. Parents should be aware and know where their children are and whom they are in contact with.  Outright neglect in this area and denial of inappropriate behavior that contributes to a sexual crime committed on their child should be punishable by law. The mother who suspects that her husband is molesting her child but who chooses to look the other way should be found equally as guilty as the abuser himself. We need to prosecute parents who turn a blind eye in the face of overwhelming evidence that facilitates victimization of their children whether by family member, acquaintance or stranger.

If Michael Jackson is found guilty of the charges brought against him and is sent to prison then he should get a room for two. His cell mate should be the victim’s mother who needs to be held accountable not only in the eyes of outraged parents everywhere but also in the eyes of the law.

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