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It was January of last year, and like every irrational panic stricken person post new years eve, I decided it was time to get in shape and join a health club.  After all, at 43, diet alone was not keeping my weight at bay anymore and besides, exercise is suppose to be beneficial to your heart, good for the mind and calming for the soul, at least that’s what the media and every fit, know it all person who works out has ever told me.

I had never belonged to a health institution before, but living in Toronto all my life, I knew I had a wide selection of choices given the amount of clubs available in the city.  And, so began my search for the one best suited to me.  After reviewing prices and weighing my options, I decided to go with an all women’s fitness club. The co-ed versions were fine but I was worried that too much testosterone would distract me in my pursuit of good health. I didn’t have appropriate designer workout wear and the possibility of a pick up bar type scenario in the guise of an establishment geared to good health minus the martinis was not appealing and besides, no man should ever see me sweat like his brother.

At first it was a bit intimidating. Odd looking machines designed to torture me, oh did I say torture?, I meant help me and exercise classes run by 20 something, genetically perfect women on speed, or at least that’s how I perceived it at the time left me wondering “is this for me”?

With my intimidation in tow, I proceeded with my plan to commit to three days a week.  It consisted of treadmill for forty minutes with weights and stretching for twenty.  Could I do it?  And would I be able to keep it up?

It is now one year later and I have been miraculously able to stay true to my new- years resolution. Surprisingly enough, the reason I started going to the health club and the reason I keep going is dramatically different. I know I joined to maintain my weight and to become more fit, but what I didn’t count on, was the support, the encouragement and the comradeship of all the other women who are there for the same reasons as myself. Women of all different sizes, varying ages, fitness levels and backgrounds are trying to better themselves. I have made true friendships that have extended beyond the borders of the health club. We talk about our lives, our challenges and our successes and we have laughed until we can laugh no more. 

I have learned that fitness can be fun, and far beyond getting in shape, I have benefited in many other ways, emotionally, spiritually and socially by knowing these new women in my life.

Health clubs are not just places to whip you into shape. They are much more than that, and my life has been enhanced substantially by joining. So let my surprising revelation be the motivating factor for you to join a health club in your community. I can promise that you’ll get much more than fit. You’ll also have the time of your life.

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