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Are North Americans Happy?

Are North Americans happy? Surely with all the money and wealth we have acquired over the last one hundred years, one would think the answer would be a resounding .. “YES”.

I am sorry, but I just don’t see it, and nor would any objective person see it, at least not it they’d been reading the papers or watching the news lately. Increases in war, prejudice and in prescription anti-depressant medication would lead one to think that the answer is in actuality “NO”.

With all we know, all we have attained, and because of all the benefits we are privileged to enjoy living in North America, you would think its people in general would be MORE happy. The word “happiness”, is something we all want, something we all strive for and yet it’s something many people will tell you is out of their reach. But before we can try to explain why North American society keeps getting wealthier and still North Americans seem to be less happy, we first need to ask the most important question of all…”What Is Happiness”? 

However it’s a complex question without a definitive answer. The problem is in defining this vague and ambiguous word, and unfortunately North Americans have defined it incorrectly in terms of more money, more wealth and more “things”. While happiness is all relative to one’s own human experience, the truth is, happiness is an abstract concept at best and it is different for each and every one of us. It comes from within and is based on perception not on reality. It doesn’t really exist!, at least not in any definable terms.

Happiness can mean a myriad of different things, but it certainly has nothing to do with increased income or wealth. It is a question WITHOUT an answer. 

It is the hatred felt by our enemies around the world of this perceived arrogance (the false belief on the part of North Americans, that money and increased wealth DOES indeed buy happiness), that helped convince Osama Bin Laden and his posse to hijack American planes and crash them into the twin towers that symbolized in their minds this very kind of thinking. North Americans continue to pour money into armaments for power and conspicuous consumption goods in an effort to buy and to influence happiness. But “What is happiness”? As stated before, it’s a question without an answer, so how can anyone determine what will influence IT, if we don’t know what IT is?

Until North Americans understand this concept, we will continue to search in vain for a falsely perceived happiness that doesn’t really exist, through the only means we understand, money and wealth. We will never be able to attain the unattainable, no matter how much we acquire.


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