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Your Hair Stylist…The Modern Day Therapist

The other day I was having my hair cut by my hairstylist Al, when it occurred to me that I’ve been seeing him, longer than I have most of the men in my life.  It’s been over 10 years now and unlike other men that have come and gone,  Al has remained a constant fixture in my existence. After all, he understands me, he listens to my problems and he is there when I need him. Hairstylists are not unlike bartenders who will lend a kind ear when it is needed. I have talked to Al about being single, my family, my health and just about every facet of my life. Now this is not to say that similar to a boyfriend or husband, Al and I have not had our problems.  Being the supreme artist that he is, every once in a while, he will try something new with my hair.  This has occasionally led to verbal discourse and eventually a breakup.  

At this point I am forced to seek refuge in another man. Sheepishly I will sneak behind Al’s back and see someone else.  But just like any sensible woman, I understand that my relationship with Al is enduring, and this being the case, we eventually make-up and get back together.  Now if you think this is strange or uncommon, just ask any other woman, how long they have been involved with their hairstylist.  Upon doing my extensive research for this piece, I decided to ask my women friends.  Susan has been seeing her stylist for 6 years, Sandy for 8 and Karen has topped the charts with a whopping 20 years seeing the same man. Hey, I think if you’ve been involved with any man for 20 years, if your not going to have an anniversary party at least you deserve to have a cake.

Hairstylists today have become every woman’s modern day therapist who will listen to your woes, see you through trials and tribulations and give you “good hair” in the process. I value my relationship with Al, even though the other day, I did what is considered in hairstylist lingo as the “ultimate sin”… I CUT MY OWN BANGS.

But just like with any long-term relationships, we all make mistakes. Somehow I feel confident that Al will forgive me…he always does!


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