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Gas Wars, Just a Big Circus

The other day I was driving by the corner of Don Mills Rd. and Lawrence Ave. when I spotted something very odd.  At first I suspected that possibly I might have been seeing things, but no, my keen sense of observation was fully intact and my sighting was in actuality, real.  There he stood,  A CLOWN,  in full makeup, red hair, big floppy shoes, and carrying a handful of multi colored balloons. 

Our Federal and Provincial elections were over, and all Members Of Parliament had retreated back to Ottawa, so I knew that this wasn’t some form of political strategy. Then what was it? It seems that a local gas station had paid for this bozo, to dress up and clown around, in a desperate attempt to attract drivers to the pumps.  Isn’t this taking things a bit too far?  After all, I am growing very tired of long lines ups, waiting for low prices that aren’t even that low, at gas stations that conveniently hike up the cost whenever we observe a long weekend or holiday. We are at the mercy of their owners who understand the “need”, who understand the term “Power of The Pump” and who appear to alter their pricing depending on the weather, time of the day or sheer mood.

Toronto’s television and radio stations, in an effort to inform us, are now broadcasting the locations of vendors that offer this liquid gold at one or two cents less than the competitor on the next block. In a mad dash against time, we end up driving across town to score our fix! Right now looking for gas at a “lower” price is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

We all know that it’s there, somewhere, it’s just a challenge to find it. And the search for this expensive fuel has left us in a frenzied panic. Some drivers have even resorted to stealing, doing what I term as a “Fill and Flight”. Corporate gas station owners have now become the new drug dealers of this millennium. They feed off the fact that we have to have it, can’t live without it and are pushing this fluid form of crack cocaine for the car on every street corner of our city to meet our addiction in order to profit.

But given that, it’s not really their fault at all! It’s all about supply and demand with a little bit of political agenda thrown into the mix. Gas station owners are just filling a need and filling our tanks with this expensive commodity that merely reflects the cost of oil. Maybe if we were driving smaller cars, and not the SUV’s that for fashion sake have become so prevalent on our streets, our mass consumption would be lessened thereby creating less of a demand. As a result much lower prices would become the norm rather than the exception. We have no one to blame but ourselves!

Even though it is clearly evident that our gas war has indeed become quite a circus, I am still afraid of the clown!  If your going to go to all that trouble and “savvy” marketing means to get my business then you should go “all the way”. Hand out some peanuts and popcorn. Maybe then I’ll wait in line for your gas.


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