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Something For Nothing and The Gifts For Free

In a world where the cost of living is high and pay-checks are low, the words “free offer” seem to be very enticing.

Myself and many of you out there, are constantly falling prey to these advertising come ons that promise “something for nothing and the gifts for free.” I am convinced that my continued fascination with “free” harkens back to a time when I was a child begging my mother to buy that one particular box of sucrosed laced cereal in an effort to score the toy hidden inside.

Many a sugar buzz was induced by this practice and my excitement over retrieving the prize at the bottom of the crackerjacks box was only the beginning for me. Nowadays I am compelled to fill out sweepstake offers and contests that promise “the big win”, but that inevitably only serve to put me on some marketing call list, which I can never get off of.

Once I had my photograph taken at a studio that was offering a free frame with your portrait. It didn’t matter that I had to purchase 20 smaller photo’s to get the frame or that the actual shot of me looked like a lame deer caught in the headlights, I still wanted the free frame. The photos, hideous as they are, still sit, hidden away from viewing at the bottom of my drawer with the frame that has now tarnished to an objectionable green mottled color.

I have purchased magazines in order to obtain the sample of moisturizer stapled between it’s pages, shampoo with a free bottle of conditioner attached and the ultimate in “free” as you ladies will attest to, the cosmetics department equivalent to winning the lottery, the all important “Gift With Purchase”.  It is of no concern to us women that we have to spend sometimes, large amounts of money to get this much coveted G.W.P., or that the colors that come in the free gift are usually ugly and are shades that we will never wear.

The fact remains that we can’t seem to pass this offer by and we still end up standing in long line-ups waiting with baited breath to score one. I knew that my obsession with “free” had taken a turn for the worse when a few months ago Kelloggs was offering a free pedometer  in their Special K serial. A pedometor is a small calculator like device that measures the amount of steps you take. I absolutely don’t need one and I couldn’t care less how many steps I take, but still the commercial showed a healthy young woman in a jogging suit with her pedometer attached to her waist. All I knew was the fact that “I wanted to be her.” Off I went to the store in my pursuit of this masterful marketing mind meld to find my box of cereal. Three stores and three boxes of cereal later I finally found my red pedometer with a K marked on the front.

With the amount of money that I spent on gas, and on cereal, I probably could have purchased a similar item in any sporting goods store. But still this one was “free”. The word “free” is so inviting. We all want to be “free”, we all want to feel “free” but more importantly we want to get things for “free”. That nine year old in me is still searching for the prize at the bottom of the cereal box.

I have decided to stop this insanity and not fall victim to this nonsense anymore. If I actually did use my pedometer, which I can no longer find, and probably sits in the box marked “things I got for free but never used”, to count the many steps I have wasted looking for “free” gifts, I am sure I would be appalled at the number.

It has now become clear to me that with all the effort and hours I have wasted in this fruitless pursuit of these items, the only thing I am sure that I really have is way too much “free time”.


©Lori Weisbrod


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