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Fear in 2005

In the year 2005, it seems that our world has become a smaller place due to technology. We can now get news from around the globe 24/7. With just a quick push of a button on the television remote, a tiny click on our computer mouse, and a perusal of our local paper we are privy to the latest crisis, both local and foreign.

The advent of news channels like CNN and shows like Larry King Live has brought these over sensationalized horrors of the world into our own homes. Although it makes me informed,  it also makes me very afraid. I don’t want to eat beef for fear of mad cow disease. I can’t sit outside in the summertime for fear of West Nile. I won’t drink tap water for fear of another Walkerton scenario. I don’t want to go into high-rise office buildings for fear of a terrorist attack. I don’t want to pray at my local synagogue for fear of an act of prejudice. I don’t want to fly for fear of hijacking, which is now a moot point because I don’t want to go on vacation for fear of a natural disaster. I won’t go into a hospital to see my doctor for fear of SARS. I don’t want my niece and nephew to play on their street for fear of abduction. I won’t take antibiotics for fear of chemical warfare and subsequent resistance. I am wary of sex for fear of HIV/AIDS. I won’t open e- mail attachments for fear of a virus. I won’t get a dog for fear of being mauled. I don’t like dating for fear the man standing at my doorstep is Scott Peterson’s twin brother. I won’t get a cell phone for fear of developing a brain tumor.

Fear, fear, and more fear.  And I know that I am not alone in these thoughts that makes me wake up in a cold sweat.  Crisis events from around the corner and around the world have always occurred in one form or another. But in the past we did not have the means to see and hear the devastation up close and personal.

So the question remains, “has modern technology and the free flow of information that makes us privy to everything enhanced our existence or has it made us a society filled with anxious, fearful people?”  Some days I just want to stay in bed and stick my head in the sand.  On those days I believe that “Ignorance is Bliss”.  Of course there is a solution. I could take antidepressant medication to control my fears, but then again I am too afraid that a year down the road, the medical establishment will reveal some horrific side effect of that drug that wasn’t previously discovered. 

Franklin D. Roosevelt coined the phrase “We have nothing to fear but fear itself”.  It might be true, but then again he never lived in the 21st century.


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