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Eat Differently and Move More

A little while ago, a reader sent a letter to the paper in response to my column about women hating our own bodies. In it, she states that women have become too obsessed with their looks and that if they truly want to lose weight then they need to “eat differently and move”. 

I couldn’t agree more. In a society obsessed with youth, beauty, and the notion that “thin is in”, weight loss has definitely become an obsession. And, while I don’t disagree that being in good health and good shape is absolutely necessary, I do think that the methods that people undertake to achieve this goal are sometimes very unproductive. Call me cynical but the weight loss industry is one designed to make money on the premise that you, in your endeavor to lose the pounds will inevitably fail and subsequently have to spend more money on another weight loss scheme. And that’s what they are, pre-calculated hard sales pitches that promise weight loss and a sleeker better you, all in an attempt to rob you of your hard earned cash.

What they don’t tell you is that 90% of all diets fail and that the more radical the method the more likely it is to upset your metabolism and in the long run cause more weight gain. I am, of course referring to the plethora of diet books, diet plans, and diet programs that millions of people sign up for everyday in an attempt to shed those unwanted pounds. Whether it’s high protein, low carbohydrate, counting points, eating for your blood type, no wheat, pre-packaged food, liquid diets, starvation diets, diet pills, diet shakes, or injections, the truth is, that while they might work in the short run, they can in actuality sometimes be hazardous to your health and are really designed to shed you of your money instead of your excess pounds.

An outstanding example of the insanity that ensues when people fall for these methods has occurred in my own family.  As we speak, loved ones close to me have decided to go on a diet whereby they must eliminate wheat, dairy, sugar, and fruit from their daily intake. My question remains “What’s left”? I too have fallen for diet scams. One that stands out in my mind was the “Beverly Hills Diet”.  It was all the rage in the eightee’s and basically consisted of nothing but fruit. Sure I lost weight, but it was only because I was too busy in the bathroom to get to the fridge. To this day I still can’t look at a mango.

Back then, diet fads consisted of restricting oneself to a particular food. Remember the egg diet, the grapefruit diet, the liquid diet, and the banana diet. Even though these plans seem ridiculous now, are they any worse than the onslaught of diet plans out there today? In reality there is no magic out there as to how to lose weight. It’s all about eating well, eating balanced, and about the amount of calories taken in versus the amount of calories burned during daily activity and exercise. 

And, while I do understand that it is harder for some than others due to different limitations, and that there is, as Dr. Phil puts it “a psychological component” to why a person might be heavy, the answer to weight management does not lay in the many weight loss schemes presented to us. What is even more appalling is that intelligent individuals who have not even bothered to attempt the sensible and safe method of weight loss are now lining up for Gastrointestinal Surgery or Stomach Stapling to solve the problem. It’s as if it’s become “the thing to do”.  After all, the celebrities are doing it, then why not us? Because it’s surgery and has side effects and can be dangerous.

The woman who wrote the letter was correct. “Eat differently and move more”. It’s not rocket science.


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