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For The Love Of Louis

I don’t know what’s been wrong with me the last little while, but lately I have become obsessed with designer handbags, more specifically owning a Louis Vuitton handbag!

Now please understand, I have never, in the past, been caught up in the whole designer marketing scam. I always used to prefer a no name quality purse to one with initials all over it.  Maybe it’s peri-menopause or constantly seeing models in magazines looking oh so chic sporting labels, but these days, all I can think about is possessing one of these expensive status must haves.  And possessed would be the operative word!

Here’s the thing. I can’t afford one! Friends have suggested that I purchase a knock off. Sounds good! They tell me that no one can tell the difference. But wouldn’t I know? If I were indeed to go and purchase a cheap copy, would that in turn, make me cheap? Would I be a fake as well?. After all it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve faked something. Fake nails, fake hair colour and of course I’ve faked the big O, but could I and should I fake a handbag?

I decided to turn a blind eye, and search for the ultimate in knock offs. I went everywhere for the love of Louis, looking for that one bag, that would fool them all. I smelled the faux leather, I scrutinized the lining and the stitching, impeccably duplicated, probably in some third world country, and I made sure that even Louis himself wouldn’t be able to detect the difference. Turns out, my mother had a knock off Louis sitting in her closet all along. When she told me I could have it I got all excited. One would have thought I just received the announcement that gas prices had returned to 75 cents a liter. Now I could look like one of the “beautiful people!” Robin Leach and Paris Hilton would be oh so proud! There I was the following day, sporting my designer handbag and thinking that I was the picture of elegance. Then I noticed something peculiar. All around me were other women wearing the same if not similar handbags. Twenty something women wearing jogging suits, Eighty year old women in polyester, and my aunts cleaning lady…all carrying Louis!

Were they fakers as well? It was on that day that my obsession stopped! I decided that it was better to be real, and honest instead of fake and unoriginal, and acknowledge the truth, that not only can’t I afford a Louis Vuitton handbag, but I also can’t afford to look like everyone else around town!


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