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Dating In the 21st. Century


Dating in the 21st century is somewhat of a perplexing ordeal and meeting a prospective partner in this techno age of computers and impersonal interactions is quite the challenge for an individual who came of age in the seventies.

Call me old fashioned, but I was taught that the way to meet this person was in going about your daily life and hopefully when someone caught your eye, someone with whom you had things in common, dating would ensue, and a possible relationship would be established. Now relationships, I have had, but “Mr. Right”, that one special person, if he exists (probably a fantasy created by childhood fairy tales) has eluded me.

When I look at the modern day options for meeting a soul mate, the methods seem quite questionable, and yet, there are those, who will tell you success stories of people who have indeed connected through these means who are apparently very happy. I am convinced that these modern day myths, are just romanticized,  pre-fabricated stories perpetrated by married couples to make us single people feel inadequate and to give us false hope that we can indeed meet our “bershert” or one true love by falling prey to these superficial, money making, impersonal endeavors. After all, if anything, shouldn’t  “love” be personal? And so, here I am, presented with the following options:

One of the biggest offenders of this new philosophy of finding love without effort or commitment to the process is “Speed Dating”.  25 women and 25 men will meet at a specified location, the premise being that you can, instantly, upon meeting someone determine whether or not there is a connection. You will have 8 minutes to interview each member of the opposite sex and make a check mark on your “score card” as to whether or not you are interested in dating this person. I don’t know about you but it takes me longer than eight minutes to decide what to have for dinner never mind making a decision as to whether or not this individual could be my life partner. 

Then there is the internet. Hundreds of sites dedicated to meeting that one special person. But how special could this person “actually” be.  Anyone can enter these sites, create a false profile, place a false photo and create a false identity for themselves. I am not saying that all people on these dating sites are conducting themselves in this manner, but the anonymity of the internet makes it a definite possibility. How on earth are you supposed to be making life decisions about prospective partners if you don’t know who they really are? After all,  you want to make absolutely sure that you’re not going to meet Jack the Ripper or the woman from fatal attraction.

There are also dating services, where you pay, sometimes, large amounts of money, to strangers, who promise that the perfect match is just around the corner. They use their “skill”, in this area, probably from years of going to “matchmaking university” to find you that perfect person. You fill out a questionnaire with superficial, inane questions like “how much money do you make? And what physical attributes do you require in the opposite sex. Then you sit back and hope that your money has purchased you the partner of your dreams. You know that old saying “buyer beware”, well it’s never been truer than in this scenario.

Now if you haven’t met your “soul mate” by this time, there is always the old standby, that dark, loud, claustrophobic den of iniquity known as the “pick up bar”.  But be sure to have your pretense in order and your guard up because the almighty “Bull” reigns supreme in this environment.

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, the choices for dating in the 21st century. My attitude, given what I have just revealed…Unless I happen to hit the man of my dreams with my car, I will probably remain single.


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