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Customer Service: A thing of the past

It seems that in this new age of computerized everything, “customer service” is a thing of the past. The words themselves seem to be of a different era.  Was it in another galaxy far far away when gas station attendants rushed to your car with a wiper in hand, when shopping was a pleasure, attentive sales people were everywhere just waiting to assist and telephone operators were at your beck and call to help you with your purchasing woes?

Today, going shopping seems to be an endless pursuit in finding help.  More often than not, we as purchasers are left wandering around huge department stores with clothing in our grips looking for someone, anyone to help cash us out or get us the proper size. Our intent was to shop for “things” and we end up shopping for “service”. 

The worst offender of “lack” of customer service can be seen in the world of telephone answering systems. It’s customer service gone “awry”. Today, if you call with a concern you will only get endless options that seem to go on forever.  The other day I phoned a company to get some information on a new product that I saw advertised. Not only was I unable to speak to an actual human being, but this monotone synthesized voice, a terrifying reminder of Hal from “2001 A Space Oddesy”, left me wondering when did it all go so horribly wrong? It went something like this: “Please listen to the following options.” “For service in English press 1” Hey, if I can’t speak English how on earth did I just understand the first option? Then it went on “To access the company directory please press 2” “For information on our web site, please press 3”  “If you actually have a life and can’t waste any more time with this nonsense please press 4” “If by this time you have gone insane and want to hurt the person that invented this system please press 5”. Of course after about 3 minutes of listening to this telephone madness, the mindless voice at the other end said “If you want to hear more options please press 6” More options? Pamela Anderson in a room full of men has less “options”. Then, in a desperate attempt to find customer service with an actual pulse I decided to out smart the system all together and push 0.  This foolish maneuver of mine only served to disconnect me, and I was forced to call back only to go through it all over again.

Customer service is a thing of the past. It’s all about too many computers, too few people, and too many options. It only serves to make me want to “opt out”.


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