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Cosmetic Surgery Shows… Reality Or Fiction?

Have you been watching television lately? Is it just me, or have we all gone insane?

Reality television is one thing but glorification of cosmetic surgery is something else entirely different. It is in actuality irresponsible television.  More and more shows are popping up on television, that entices the viewing audience to believe that cosmetic surgery is akin to having your hair done. Just a few quick slices of the scalpel and you too can be a new, and better person.

The participants on these shows are usually women that have decided that their “normal” body parts, are no longer good enough and that they need to be enhanced or that they are ageing and that the hands of time need to be slowed down via the operating table.

Listen, I am not against cosmetic surgery, if it is done for the “right reasons”, but what bothers me is the casual attitude that these shows project. On one show a women explains to her male doctor that plastic surgery is a response to her husband filing for divorce. In her words “My husband left me for a 28 year old”.  Instead of surgery, I believe her doctor should have suggested therapy or at the very least a new husband. The surgeons on these shows, who are all male, usually in their forties conduct consultations with their women patients in a cavalier almost joking manner.  It is not unusual for them to walk into a room and kiss their patients hello. I can’t imagine that when Bill Clinton went in for his heart surgery that his physician gave him a peck on the cheek before he wheeled him into the operating room.

The truth is, cosmetic surgery is just that, it is surgery and needs to be taken seriously. The reasons for considering cosmetic surgery need to be carefully weighed, and the surgeon needs to determine if the patient is there for the right reasons. This reality is not shown on these supposed “reality shows”. Nor is the sometimes lengthy, painful recovery time or the sometimes, devastating results that can occur if things go wrong.  Not to mention the fact that being put under general anesthesia has possible ramifications of it’s own.

We have wonderful cosmetic surgeons in North America, who do responsible procedures in a careful respectful manner. I am sure they are appalled at these televised farces. A big offender of this cosmetic surgery for the masses attitude is “Extreme makeover”. It’s bad enough that these women undergo surgery for inappropriate reasons and that their doctors are more than willing to perform sometimes three or more procedures at once to create dramatic results all in the name of ratings. But what’s even more offensive is that when these usually artificial results are created, the women then conclude this journey with a “big reveal” to all their family and friends.

Now some will say that this is all done in fun and I shouldn’t take it too seriously. But as someone who came of age during the feminist movement, this is just a downright affront to all women. Glorification of cosmetic surgery is dangerous and unfortunately has become a mainstay in our culture. We need to take surgery of any sort more seriously.  After all, just ask, Michael Jackson, somehow I don’t think any cosmetic surgeon will be able to kiss his problems away.


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