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Television Commercials A thing of the past

If you want to see tension and overwhelming anxiety, just go to any advertising agency that relies on television commercials as their main form of advertising for the many companies it represents.

With the invention of products like DVD’s and TiVo, ad agencies understand the truth, that advertising via television will shortly become a thing of the past.  Television viewers with a quick switch of the button and in pre-programming mode can bypass all those commercial interruptions that sell the newest, the latest and the best.

Gone are the days of 5 minutes of advertisements to get in 10 minutes of Oprah. Even though we had deluded ourselves into believing that we were already able to tune commercials out, the advertising industry knew that in reality, they could get to us subliminally.

Well not anymore, these days we control what gets in. Although, useful as an opportunity to get a snack or brush my teeth, most commercials are inane, nonsense and leads me to believe that advertising executives are nothing more than unimaginative number crunchers. And I have to admit that I won’t miss Jared and his submarine or Mr. Clean and his squeaky white tub. But every once in a while a shining star of advertising brilliance does show up to tell me that there is in actuality a brain with some humor sitting behind those desks.

A clear example of this marketing genius can be seen in the 1970’s commercial for Coca Cola that depicted a big Mean Joe Green after a football game talking to one of his fans. No one can forget the look on that little boys face. Or in 1984 when Apple Computers aired a commercial during the super bowl that was directed by Ridley Scott.  Remember those words that Clara Pellar made famous? This Wendy’s commercial not only made an imprint in the collective consciousness of North Americans but during The United States Democratic Primary, former Vice President Walter Mondale used this phrase against his opponent congressman Gary Hart when he stated that Harts politics made him wonder “Where’s The Beef”?

The United States is not the only country to have a toe-hold on advertising brilliance, as more often than not I can be heard quoting the phrase that has made Molson’s a household name “I am Canadian”.  Advertising executives are scrambling to come up with ways to sell their clients' products other than through our televisions.

I have now begun to see commercials popping up in movie theatres where ad agencies know that they have a captive audience. What bothers me is that when I paid for that $15 ticket at the theatre box office, what I didn’t pay for was the 20 minutes of hard sell.

Still, it won’t be long till the day comes when commercials will be a thing of the past, I feel sorry for those advertising executives, after all let’s face it: “They’ve fallen and they can’t get up”.


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