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The World ..One Big Cliché

In a world where “time is of the essence” and where “if you snooze you lose”, people seem to be talking in clichés, and colloquialisms and are using trendy sayings and expressions “big time!”

This phenomenon, where people verbally “strut their stuff” has now become part of the 21st century’s “collective consciousness”. It has become the “new normal” and many believe that “it’s all good”. And, while I maintain that the true art of conversation is “dead as a doornail”, I must admit “I’ve been there, done that”.  After all, “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”.  But that’s “20/20 hindsight.” These days “that’s just the way the cookie crumbles” and everyone is communicating in this mode.

I should just “put up or shut up”, “get in the game”, “get into the swing of things”, “let sleeping dogs lie” and not get “bent out of shape” because “the writing is on the wall” and I don’t want to be left “behind the eight ball” accused of not being “with it.” I should just “give up the ghost” and “call it a day” and follow suit.  Let’s face it. “It’s a zoo out there”, and we have become a trendy and somewhat superficial society that thinks, “bigger is better”, “thin is in” and you’d better “get to the point”.  E-mail, voice mail, text messaging and chat rooms have forced us to believe that we must “get to the bottom line”, and “place our cards on the table”.

We have become a world where communication is “fast and furious”. One might even say “faster than a speeding bullet”. If you’re a single woman, this makes dating “mission impossible”. “A good man is hard to find”, but how are you suppose to find that special person who “tickles your fancy”, who will be there “through thick and thin” and who “completes you” if conversation takes place “in the blink of an eye”? How can you really get to know someone? I suppose “love conquers all” and I shouldn’t let this “rain on my parade” and really it’s been “so far so good”.

The political arena is where this type of communication based on “sound bites” and “spin” really is “the cat’s pajamas”.  Politicians who act “cool as a cucumber”, and who do not understand the term “pay the piper” lead their countries with “one foot in the grave”. They believe in “pie in the sky”, “no pain, no gain” and “no guts no glory”, sending their troops to battle and doing whatever it takes “come hell or high water”.  One might say “they don’t beat around the BUSH”.

But I believe that “talk is cheap”, especially the type of doublespeak that politicians and their advisors commonly resort to. If the truth be told, “politics makes strange bedfellows”, and leaders who support the war of their neighbors, who might hypocritically harbor in secret “weapons of mass destruction”, more often than not “bite off more than they can chew”. 

I take comfort in the fact that “what goes up must come down” and “all’s well that ends well”, but I must admit that I am worried that “we have made our bed and now we must lie in it”. Our enemies believe “If you play, you pay”!  But “through thick and thin” people are basically “good as gold” and really deserve the “red carpet treatment”. Even though it seems as if the world has become one big cliché, filled with endless trite expressions, I take hope from the fact that “nothing remains the same” and that the true art of communication will once again resume.

After all  “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get”!


©Lori Weisbrod


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