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Cell Phone Abusers or Should I say Cell Phone Losers      

“Hi mom, no the catheter will only be inserted for a week and the pain will be controlled by your morphine drip”. Okay, I know what you’re thinking. This certainly must be the dialogue from one of those medical themed shows on television! I wish!  It was in actuality the intrusive conversation I was forced to overhear while standing in the checkout line of my local grocery store. In an effort to pay for that night’s dinner, which at this point had become very unappetizing, I was subjected to this inappropriate cellular phone exchange. I ended up knowing more about this individual’s mother than I did about my own.

I call this affront to my sensibilities, “Cell Phone Abuse”, and it runs rampant throughout our community, occurring more and more often as cell phones have become the mainstay in people’s everyday lives. Hey, listen, I am all for modern technology enhancing the quality of our existence, but there has to be a time and a place as well as some basic common courtesy and decorum enacted when partaking of this behavior.

There are the “Loud Talkers”, this is the person, in line, at the bus stop or at any other public location where there are innocent unsuspecting individuals within ear shot. They feel that every one should know their business. As if they are saying, “Hey, look at me, aren’t I important”. Then there are those abusers that will insist on using this technology in places that I consider absolutely restricted to cell phones. Use while in public bathrooms, restaurants and in movie theatres are not conducive to in-depth telephone communication.  Having a conversation on the phone in these places is like eating while on the toilet, rude and unnecessary. But what I find even more annoying is putting up with ridiculous, inane rings that can range anywhere from beep beep to “Lara’s theme. Do I really need to know your preference in music while trying to grasp the plot of the thriller I just paid $13 to see? Also, please do not use your cell phones while on a date or during sex.

It has almost become more important to have your cell phone turned on rather than your partner. The worst offence of Cell phone misuse is the phenomenon of driving while talking on the cell phone. It seems that while cell phones are getting smaller, so are the I.Q’s of some of its users. How many reports of accidents do you need to see? I thank the heavens for those users, who have taken the responsibility to purchase ear buds and hands free technology in an effort to stop this dangerous practice.

So the question remains, “What did we ever do before cell phones”? I suppose this technology has made communication easier, which is a good thing in terms of business, but people have definitely taken far too much advantage of their use and should have their cell phones surgically attached to their hands for fear they might lose their identity with out them.

The other day I was shopping when I ran into a guy that I used to date.  He is a classic cell phone abuser. Our relationship didn’t last long. How could it, he spent all of his time on his phone. Then again, he is a chief advisor for the liberal party, which answers the question as to why nothing ever gets done in Ottawa. When it comes down to it, Cell phone abuse is not really a problem with technology at all. The problem lies with people misusing that technology.

Did you hear that? It’s the sound of Alexander Graham Bell rolling over in his grave.


©Lori Weisbrod


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