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Call Waiting… Still Waiting… and Waiting

That’s it, I am really getting tired of “Call Waiting”, literally, tired of waiting, and I know I’m not the only one.

The other day I was speaking to a friend on the telephone. About 10 minutes into our conversation I hear that dreaded “beep beep”. She announces to me that she will be back in a second and off she went. Of course she didn’t know how to properly use this marvel of modern day rudeness, nor do many of its subscribers and after about one second she was back saying “Jane, Jane, is that you”…I replied “No it’s Lori”... “Oh” she said, “I never can figure out how to use this thing”…no kidding I thought, get a manual! And off she went again.

There I sat waiting for her to come back to our conversation. If this is not the height of impolite behaviour, I don’t know what is. I waited, and waited and waited some more. Was she telling me that the person on the other line was more important than ME? How could this be? At that point it occurred to me that with all this impersonal modern technology that has inundated our society like “call waiting”, “call display”, “e mail”, “pagers”, and “text messaging”, to name only a few, that it could most certainly be possible to have a relationship with someone, without actually ever, speaking to or seeing them.

Therefore, when does advancement in modern technology, enhance our culture and when does it erode it? And when is it just a way to become impersonal and rude?

O.K folks, so here’s the rub…the “friend” who I was waiting on the phone for…SHE NEVER CAME BACK!!… She disappeared into telephone oblivion only to be heard from again later that day when to her defence she called to say that she had important matters to discuss with the other party involved. From my point of view, not a good enough excuse. I have decided in response that I will, for now at least, be putting her on “FRIEND WAITING”. Let’s see how she likes it!

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