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Our Brave New World


Over the past ten years a phenomenon has taken over society that leaves me thinking, “What are we doing”? The frequent occurrence of drug companies escalating medical conditions and making them “common” everyday disorders that need treatment all in pursuit of the all mighty dollar is quite disturbing.

Over the last decade anti-depressant medication has become a mainstay in the lives of our citizens. Depression, a serious, debilitating condition has become the “it” illness and everyone from the stay at home mom to the over worked salesperson to our mailman seems to be depressed. Hard sell advertisements has people running to their doctors looking for something - anything - to make the harsh realities of life feel less severe.

But now there is a new twist. Even though the drug companies have made millions of dollars in this endeavor and we and the medical establishment have swallowed that “bitter pill”, hook, line, and sinker, the market has become over saturated.

In response to this dilemma it appears that we all have a “new” illness called ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder to add to the list. For some people this is a real medical condition that needs treatment. But if you’ve been watching television, or reading the newspapers lately, this illness and it’s associated symptoms run rampant throughout our community. Or so we are being lead to believe! Drug companies are pushing new medications down our throats designed to control symptoms such as inability to focus, inability to complete projects and lack of concentration all in an attempt to score our hard earned cash. In a world that is go, go, go and where the term “multi-tasking” has become synonymous with our hectic lifestyle, more money is being made off of the way we “choose” to live.

Until we change our mode of living and until we slow down and look at how we function on a day-to-day basis we will never be able to really address the underlying causes of these so called illnesses and their accompanying symptoms. The drug companies not only know this, but they are counting on it! They clearly understand that we all want a “quick fix” and are not seriously prepared to change our human condition.

And, it is not only adults that are being affected. As far as these modern day drug dealers are concerned the term “get them while they’re young” has our children being over diagnosed and over medicated as well. I remember, as a student, reading the book “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley.  In this novel all citizens are required to take a “pleasure pill” called Soma and universal human happiness and contentment with life has been achieved. Or has it? It seems that these days we are living in a brave new world.

However, from my perspective, the mislabeling of lifestyle choices as illnesses is nothing new and the frequent use of medication to “numb” us from feeling our lives is anything but brave.


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