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Bigger and Smaller

Have you ever noticed how some things in life are becoming bigger and some things are becoming smaller? Televisions are becoming bigger.  We now have “big” screen TV’s that take up half of our living rooms with bigger remotes that do everything from finding your desired channel to brewing a cup of coffee.  Computers are getting smaller. We now have laptops and blackberries.  But sadly enough the waistlines of people using these computers are also getting bigger from lack of exercise.  Homes are getting smaller and more and more people are opting to move into condos the size of tuna cans.

In response to the demand, it seems that the construction business is getting bigger. Cars are also getting bigger and we now have streets filled to the brim with SUVs making our potholes bigger! Purses are getting bigger. I used to carry a handbag, now I carry a messenger bag. Stores are getting bigger. We now have “Super Stores” that take hours to shop in, carrying products that are also bigger, commonly referred to as “Bulk” items.

The fast food industry is bigger and so are its meals. The term “Super Size” has become commonplace. As a result, obesity has now become a bigger problem.  Our dollar is smaller. Instead of one-dollar bills we now have loonies. Sadly for us, its global economic value has also become smaller. Breasts have become bigger and implants have become the norm. However the bank accounts of the women paying for these surgical enhancements have become smaller.

Our vacuum cleaners are smaller. They are now called dust-busters. Women’s underwear has become smaller. No more fruit of the looms for us, we now wear thongs. Which is pretty ironic since fashion trendsetters like Jennifer Lopez have made the “bigger behind” the “in” thing to possess.  Hair is getting smaller. In the eighties, “big” hair ruled. Now we all have flattening irons. The way in which we listen to music is smaller. Stereos are passé and we now have ipods. Celebrities are getting smaller. We used to have big stars like Marlon Brando and Greta Garbo. Now we have Richard Hatch from Survivor.

Cell phones are getting smaller, but unfortunately for society, so is the I.Q. of some of its users who insist on driving while talking on their hand held units.  Our illnesses are bigger. Everyone nowadays has ADD or Depression. But according to the drug companies there’s a little pill to cure everything thereby making their stock portfolios bigger.

Our banks are becoming smaller. These days it’s just a machine and a card. However fraud has become a bigger business for thieves stealing our pin numbers. The banks believe it’s a “small” price to pay, so they won’t change their system. After all it’s only the little person that gets hurt! Our world is definitely getting smaller due to modern day technology. But it seems that our global disasters such as Tsunami and 9/11 are getting bigger.

Our artillery is getting bigger. We used to fight with swords then guns and now we have “Weapons of Mass Destruction”. However, the minds of the politicians, sending the troops to war have definitely become smaller, but with bigger hidden agendas and definitely bigger egos. And that, folks is the big and the small of it!


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