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Bargain Shopping... A Modern Day Phenomenon

I see it out of the corner of my eye, my heart starts racing, my pupils get dilated, my palms get sweaty, I must have it, the perfect tweed blazer, all the rage for fall 2004. There is only one problem, three other women have spotted this holy grail of apparel as well. Carts go flying, perfume is wafting, and the competition hangs heavy in the air as the mad dash for this rare find begins.

Fall is coming and the shopping has begun, and we, the fashion victims of the world are out in full force. I am cruising my local Toronto “Winners”, the every woman’s oasis of bargain designer wear and the home of the latest fashion trends of the upcoming season, to see what I can score! Myself and many other wannabe fashionista’s of the new millennium are addicted to this retail phenomenon. Where else can you find Calvin Klein, Versace  and Ralph Lauren at bargain basement prices? The competition for clothing (a female obsession that men just don’t understand) is fierce and not for the meek or mild in nature. One must go at least twice a week to get the “good stuff” and snuff out the weaker competitors, a reality that I am sure “Winners” executives just love.

But when did looking for designer wear at affordable prices become such a mainstay in the everyday lives of women. Not since Filenes Basement in Boston, has such a frenzied fixation on runway clothing at reasonable prices become so predominant. I will catch myself out in the malls looking for the latest in fashion when I will hear a little voice saying “Why pay so much when you can get it at “Winners”.  The next thing I know, I am off to my local outlet.

Since beautiful expensive clothing, once restricted to only the rich and famous has  now become accessible to middle class women , I find I spend more time shopping, watching shows on shopping, cutting out pictures from magazines about shopping, and in general more and more shopping. Even though I am getting a bargain, I have probably spent more money on “Bargain Shopping”, than I ever did in my life before this phenomenon hit full force.  So I guess the joke is on me.

My one consolation, is in the knowledge that other like-minded women understand the truth. That bargain shopping, is not just about getting nice clothing at reasonable prices. It’s about…the KILLl! The victory of the score…the WIN!. Did I say WIN?..that reminds me….I have to go somewhere!

Oh, and by the way I will be wearing my new tweed blazer as I arrive. I guess the others just weren’t fast enough!


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