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“Bald Is In”

Waxing, plucking, sugaring and threading. Men, I know you want to look away, but don’t!

If this sounds painful to you it’s because it is! Every day women endure torturous methods to rid themselves of facial and body hair that is considered by North American standards as unruly and unacceptable. After all, we know that our men enjoy our legs to be smooth and our faces to be fuzz free, soft and kissable. To add insult to injury the now popular “Brazilian” gives new meaning to the phrase “all’s bare down there”! We never used to mind the pain because we always had the “great equalizer” on our side. “Baldness”!

We knew that the opposite sex was terrified of the very thing we were paying salons huge amounts of cash to do to us. To “lose our hair”! We as women took comfort in the fact that eventually our partners hair would naturally fall out and that they would be forced to forgo their crowning glory thereby making our physical suffering seem somehow more tolerable.

In the past this fate was thought to be a sign of lost virility and there were only a few exceptions to the rule. Sexy guys with names like Telly Savales and Yul Brenner were few and far between. But somehow, in a few short decades you men have been able to turn it all around and take away the one thing we could hold over your balding heads.

It seems that “bald is in” and the days of  “Club’s for Men, toupees and hair transplants are out.  Kudos to you gentlemen, you have found a way to make the most feared inevitable of males around the world, actually “work” for you. In this millennium, a comb over is a thing of the past and it is now fashionable, sexy, and trendy to be slick as a cue ball.  What was once considered to be a sign of old age is now considered a sign of cool and is much sought after. Names like Dr. Phil, Sean Connery, James Gandolfini, Montel Williams, Michael Jordan, Billy Zane, Vin Diesel,  Patrick Stewart, The Rock, The Edge, and every hard core rapper out there have given hope to all those men who use to stand in the shower and watch with desperate anxiety as their few remaining hairs washed down the drain.

In the old days a star like Bruce Willis would have lost his celebrity status. Today he is more popular than ever. Sexy bald men young and old are everywhere and we women can’t tell the difference between guys who are sporting shiny domes because they have naturally gone bald and those who shave their heads because it’s the “in” thing to do. These days the term “bald is beautiful” is not just a hopeful cliché used to soften the inevitable blow, it is in actuality true. You men have robbed us of our “great equalizer”. You deserve the “golden razor blade award”.

You know the old saying “necessity is the mother of invention”. Well it’s never been truer than in this scenario.  Now if only us women could learn a lesson from you and do the same.   Maybe we could forgo our painful trips to the esthetician and maybe just maybe women sporting moustaches and body hair will become the trendy, popular fashion statement to make.  I didn’t think so!  Oh well it was worth a shot!


©Lori Weisbrod


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